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HHGC Safety Measures and Emergency Policies



Our employee and customer safety is our utmost priority at all times but especially so during this trying time.  We encourage all golfers to remember that these measures are to mitigate any and all transmission of the virus between players and urge you to remember that it’s possible, even likely, that you are contagious without showing symptoms of this disease.  Just as we honor one another on the course with our attitude and sportsmanship, we ask you to honor your fellow players by acknowledging the importance of their safety. 


1)     All bunker, rakes have been removed from the course.  Please improve your lie within the bunker.  Feel free to use your foot or hand.

2)     Ball washers are covered until they can be removed from use.  Please don’t use them.  Water coolers have been removed from the course.

3)     Please do not touch the flagstick during play.  Cups are raised and you are considered to be “holed out” when your ball touches any portion of the cup. 

4)     Driving range baskets are being disinfected between uses.  Please maintain a six foot distance between players at all times on the range.

5)     Golf carts are being sanitized before each use.  Individual carts are mandatory unless two players are from the same household. 

6)     Walking is encouraged, pull carts are allowed as always.

7)     No groups larger than 4 players at any time.  Please make sure that you maintain six foot distance on greens and tee boxes. 

8)     No large gatherings or tournaments will be played until it is approved and allowed by authorities at the state or federal level. 

9)     Remember that even though you are outside it is still imperative that you sneeze or cough into your elbow. 

10) We ask that players do not congregate in the Pro Shop and/or the patio outside.  No more than 6 people in the Pro Shop at any given time.



Holiday Hills Golf Course will to the best of their ability be enforcing all of these rules and ask for your cooperation so that we can safely continue to enjoy the game of golf.  Holiday Hills Golf Course reserves the right to ask you to leave the course immediately without refund if you are found to be in violation of these rules. 

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